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When I run, I think.  I think about what I have to do, what I have done, and what I might be able to do.  It gives me time to sort my life and priorities.  Currently I am training for a half marathon in June.  I like to imagine myself blowing away my goal of less than 2 hours.  I find that I am more optimistic and focused in all aspects of my life when I have a strong goal I believe I can achieve.

Sunday, I made a 6 mile long run.  I last ran 6 miles in September of last year.  I fell out of running shortly thereafter due to morning craziness with the kids and a new job.  I had a rough time mentally without my outlet.  When I resumed in January, I quickly rediscovered my mojo.  As a morning runner, I love the idea of accomplishment before breakfast.  I love the feeling of success in what I start out to do.  It starts my day on a very positive note.  I may have become an endorphin junkie, as I now run 5 days a week. 

So Sunday, I felt fantastic.  I even wrote that to some friends who track their runs with me.  To get back to a milestone I had not visited in 5 months and actually run faster, I felt I could take on any challenge.  When I saw my time, I was nearly jumping for joy at outdoing myself.  I can do anything!  I felt strong and cute.  (Since cutting my hair, I had to go twin piggies on top.)

By the end of April, I intend to be running 12 mile long runs.  I am not afraid or overwhelmed at the idea.  I know I can do it and I will.


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Rules to Live By, and Zombies

So, I think zombies make for awesome movies.  I recently found out that zombies also make for awesome races.  While I unfortunately will be unable to participate when the Run For Your Lives 5K Obstacle Course Zombie Race comes to Boston in May, it is still fun to think about. 

Run For Your Lives 5K Obstacle Course Zombie Race

I also enjoy preparedness guides.  The CDC has their own version of a guide and even advertises.  If they are serious about zombies, maybe the rest of should be too.  When the end comes, they will probably know about the zombie virus before we do.


 Even my insurance company offered tips as part of an ad campaign.  I have not yet checked to see what my coverage would be. If only someone would give us a concise list of rules to follow in the event of a zombie attack, that would be helpful.  But wait, someone did.  Have you seen Zombieland?  Goofy movie, but it’s great and full of lot of good advice for dealing with zombies and the everyday.  Some of my favorites:

  • Cardio: We all know we should work out to be healthy, but zombies really put cardio in perspective.  I don’t have to outrun the zombie, just you.
  • Double Tap: If your livelihood or life depends on you doing a job right, double check your work.  Wouldn’t want a shoddy effort to come back and bite you in the butt.
  • Bathrooms: I think we should all be more cautious in the bathroom.  A lot of injuries happen in there.
  • Limber Up: Stretching is an important part of any workout routine.  When play with the kids or swinging at the un-dead, you can easily injure yourself if your body is not prepared.
  • Enjoy the Little Things: Your day may have involved people trying to eat you or just run you down, so take a minute to do something that makes you happy.

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A Rash Decision, Weeks in the Making

Do you remember the opening scene of Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken?  If not, find it here on YouTube to refresh yourself.  Though I haven’t seen the movie since it hit VHS, that scene ran through my head this morning as I chopped my hair off.  I wondered to myself if my husband would ask me to put a paper bag on my head as the main character was made to.  I doubt it, but he hasn’t seen me yet and I will need his help later this evening to straighten the back.  My husband is type A and a salon customer.  He loves my cooking but can’t stand to watch me randomly throw spices in the pot. 

Two things have lead me to this point.  One, I am not really a people-person.  Have you ever met a quiet hairdresser?  They just keep talking, and I want them to stop.  Two, money is a bit tight and I would prefer to spend the $40 at the chiropractor next week.

Has this really been weeks in the making?  Sure, the thoughts started around the last time we filled the oil tank.  We cut back on the kids shower time, “you’re there to get clean, not play!”  I tried cutting back on my time, but it takes me forever to get the conditioner out of my hair.  It wasn’t that long, only just below my shoulders but I hate the slimey feel of conditioner in my hair.  So I thought, to shorten my showers I need to shorten my hair.  But then the theoretical math thoughts crept in.  If I spend $40 to cut my hair, at what point am I saving money by cutting my hair?  And so I left it for another day, weeks ago.

 This morning after cleaning my hair, I combed it in the mirror and saw how flat and straight and easy it looked to cut.  I knew at what length I wanted it, I should do it.  I have a trim kit I use for my kids that isn’t salon quality, but it works.  Like the clip from the movie, there was hesitation and then elation after the first cut.  No going back now! 

With further odd reasoning, I can argue that I just saved the money I need for the chiro next week.  That will help when I see my husband later.

My Self Hair Cut

I've had worse, you?

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