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So part of my train of thought process is that it just goes on. I’ll try to slow it down on the posts, to contain the variety of content. It’s all related in my head. I decided yesterday to cut short the full thought that went on during my drive in to work. I thought a lot about addictions, because smoking just seems weird to me and millions are addicted.

I started off pretty early in life determined not to be addicted to substance. There was what I saw as evil and what I saw as just ridiculous. The evil I saw was alcohol ripping apart much of my father’s family, including our own. The ridiculous was the quantity of coffee I saw consumed by adults who were useless and/or grumpy prior to consumption. I knew drugs ruined your life and I was determined to make something of myself.

I do enjoy things like chocolate, hot tea and carbs but I resolved never to require something to the extent it ruled my life.

And then I started running. It was slow and painful the first year, more of a chore than a pleasure.

At the start of my second year I read about ultramarathoners and decided I could certainly do better than I was if some people could do that.

Another year and I have just realized that I really like the long runs. The groovy, happy feeling I get when I am done makes up for any pain or unpleasantness. It is almost difficult to contain. I want to tell everyone how great I feel.  Sometimes I post it on Facebook. Here is a recent one, and my sister’s actual response.

Me: Running is totally my therapy. How can my day start badly when before breakfast I have:
Said Good Morning to a mini horse
Noted spring indicators (chipmunk, skunk whiff, starling serenade)
Seen the sun rising over a lake
Watched a fisher cat scamper across the road
Succeeded at a goal I set for myself

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

My sister: I’m hating on your perkyness

A running high does not appear to be contagious. 

I really look forward to my long runs and kind of slump when I miss them (like this past weekend). This led me to realize (I’m still driving and thinking here) that I might be addicted to the brain happy juice I had read about. I remember, years ago, reading about people who were addicted to working out for the endorphins and the high. It seemed crazy at the time, but I am kinda feeling it. Of course, I could never run uncontrollably for the high, I have a husband and 2 kids who consume most of my non-working time. I can only manage 2 long runs a week. So maybe I am not addicted because my life is not seriously impacted. Except for the time I spend making a training plan, writing about it, planning my eating for it, worrying about the weather for it, picking out the right socks for it…

So maybe I am a little addicted, I’ll concede that.


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