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Running Fool

Usually I cringe going into April, waiting for the annoying folks who think they are funny.  Luckily this year, the day fell on a Sunday.  I would not have to interact with anyone outside of my immediate family.

I was excited to feel up to making the 8 mile run I missed last week.  It started off slow, as I was pacing myself to last the distance.  Generally, I run my long runs at a 9 minute pace and refrain from checking my time during my run.  I had drawn out this route on MapMyRun, again.  This time, I knew the roads all met as I had driven them before.  The route was pretty simple too.  I was running a loop around a lake.

When I came to a road I run frequently and knew was 3 miles from home, I checked my time.  Around 42 minutes for 5 miles!!  I had thought I was running slow, but apparently my training was making me really fast.  Feeling good, I pressed on with renewed enthusiasm, which had started to wane as I tired.  I checked my time again about a mile from home and was a little surprised to see that I had slowed my pace a bit.  I guess this residual sinus issue is really throwing off my head.  So I tried to run a little bit faster.

When I got home from running 8.36 miles in 71:10, I was pretty excited.  I had been sick and I ran faster than my usual pace.  Sweet!

I went inside to stretch and post.  I use my cell phone to post the workout to MapMyRun, then I can share it on Facebook from there.  After I shared on Facebook, I realized that my pace worked out to 8:30.  Well I know I am not capable of that on a long run. 

I went back to the app to check the route I was supposed to run.  I had mapped a left turn onto a side street shortly after starting out.  That would have extended my run to the full length.

Crap, anyone who actually looks at my past time will see that I had some crazy time.  Quick, it’s Sunday morning, I can delete the post.  Nope, not from my cell phone I can’t.  So I commented on my post that I read the distance wrong.  That sounded stupid, but at least I admitted the error without looking like a complete idiot, I think.

Further research shows that I ran 7.67 miles with a pace of 9:15.  Not bad, though I am a little sore today.

How excited I was to have great time only to find that I had fooled myself before anyone else got the chance.


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