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This morning I decided to start my son on running.  We had agreed in January that when it was warm enough, he could join me.  He had enjoyed watching the first finishers of the marathon yesterday, so his interest was for the moment, piqued.  I had wanted a rest day today because I am still feeling the raking from Sunday and tomorrow is another long run, I should save up.  We dropped the 4 yo off at preschool and hurried home to start out.  This week is school vacation, so that also made for an excellent time to break him in.

I told him we would be going a mile, 1/2 out and back, walking and jogging as he was able.  We walked about .2 miles to warm up and discuss road rules before we jogged a bit.  My son is not graceful, even for six years old.  Arms and legs were flying everywhere.  I tried to jog a bit before him so he could look at my form, then I told him to look at my form.  Stop dragging your feet in the sand, control your hands, slow down if you are breathing hard, etc. 

We slowed to walk for a bit again and talked about how it felt.  Over the course of the mile, we jogged about 5 times for a few minutes each.  On the way home, we stopped to talk to a mini horse in the neighbor’s yard.  She likes dandelions.

It was also recycling day on our road with curbside pickup.  As we were out before the trucks, we stopped a few times to pick up bottles that we could toss into the bins we passed.  My kids are quite trash-aware, so this earth-friendly activity helped to reinforce the positive experience of jogging.

Once home, I started in on flipping laundry but my son reminded me that we needed to stretch.  What a good little exerciser.  So we sat and stretched and drank more water.  We talked about the walk/jog and petted the cats.  He had a good morning and is looking forward to the next time I bring him out.  His goal is to run a full mile before the end of the summer.  I’ll make a more formal plan with him to get up on the rest days and go for our mile.


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I had a great long run on Sunday.  I even had to wake up early to get in the 6 miles so I could get back to hear that I was late.  We made plans to travel back to NH for the day, so we always start out early for the 2 hour drive.  I felt good on the run.  It was 50* and partly sunny, I made the distance in decent time without incident.  I was running a bit sleepy because my husband had a rough night with his allergies.

Ready to Go

The kids are ready to go in the car. They are expert packers for these daytrips by now.

Once in the state I miss, we did 2 hours of yard work on our old house that we have not yet sold.  We had to move for my husband’s job, otherwise I never would have left NH.  I was more fatigued and now shaky from hunger when we left. 

Next stop was the family farm owned by my husband’s great-uncle.  We chatted with Grandma and Uncle, ran through a meadow (I trotted when I wasn’t walking) and ate our lunch.

Even more fun was spending the next 2 hours at an outlet shopping center so my husband could find new oxfords and pants for work.  I walked the center a few times with the kids, creating a present for my nephew’s birthday we are missing next weekend.  We found clothing and a Celtics puzzle, I am not an exciting gift-giver by normal child standards.

Wild Ride

The wind made for a good action shot. I never actually put money in these, but my kids always have to try them out.

Then we stopped at my Dad’s house to meet his new dog, Ripley.  A basset hound/german shepard mix is a silly looking dog, but he was nice.  We learned that he has trouble with northern accents, as he came from a Louisiana kill shelter.  We left them with the present and finally started the trek home.

I got to bed by 10, but it felt like 12.  This morning’s run at 6:30 came too soon.  I debated skipping, but only briefly.  I made a promise to myself to run as often as I can to rebuild strength (without hurting myself) and I knew there were about 25,000 people planning to run a marathon today.  A bonus for me was the time I got to run.  It was only 60* at 6:30.  If that many people can get it together to run that far in the heat, I can certainly do what I have to do to train to maybe one day be like them.

P.S. – Being new to Massachusetts, did someone make up Patriot’s Day to give us the day off for the race?  Seems oddly coincidental.

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