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After another rained out Wednesday run, I was eager to get up this morning and make up for it.  I hoped to make the 7.15 miles in around 60 minutes.  Found out pretty quick that I wasn’t going to be quite so quick.

I had made an appointment yesterday to see the chiropractor next Wednesday.  That appointment will be 1.5 weeks out from my half marathon, a perfect tune-up!  I haven’t been feeling too out of alignment, but I want to be totally in for the race.

Shortly after I set out this morning I found that my right leg was pulling funky, creating stiffness from my ankle to my hip.  So I won’t make the time goal for the day, I can still try to be faster than I have been.

I run along woody areas that open into a few lakes and swampy areas, creating fantastic views in the morning.  This morning I saw lots of dead stuff.  Baby turtles, frogs, snakes, even worms.  It was a bit of a downer.  On the way back, I thought about how I had driven up this road yesterday in the rain.  I wondered if I had killed anything.

About 1.25 miles from home, a huge snapping turtle was wandering into the road.  I debated stopping to move it, but I still wanted to make the surprisingly good pace I had maintained.  I looked at it and ran around it and then I stopped.  I suddenly felt somewhat ashamed of myself.  I had been noting the numerous deaths along my route and now I wanted to ignore this animal in the road to make my pace?

So I turned around, grabbed the very large (over 12″ across!) and very grumpy snapper and moved it across the road and down the embankment to the lake shore.  How long did that take me?  Maybe a minute?

I ended up taking a total of 25 seconds longer than the last time I ran the distance.  I estimate that my pace was 8:45 without the turtle, but it was only 8:52 with the turtle.  Still pretty good for me!

I promise to keep my priorities straight when I see a creature in need in the future.

Not my turtle, but you get the idea. Further research tells me it was probably about as old as I am!


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A brief rant, which may or may not personally affect you.

The people (I see mostly women) who wear workout clothing (and make-up!) all day look ridiculous, to me.  Why are you grocery shopping like you are between sets at the gym?  Yes, I can see from your skin-tight clothing that you are physically fit, or not.  I don’t care, I can probably tell from your regular clothing.  Personally, I run in the morning before my husband leaves for work.  Then I have to get the kids up and out before I can take care of myself.  I will go to the bus in my running clothes and to preschool drop-off on those days.  I drop my kid and sneak out before someone smells me.  I do sweat when I run and I don’t do laundry every day.  If I was at the gym, I would shower and change into street clothes before re-presenting myself to the world.  It is to you, randomly work-out-dressed lady in the doctor’s office that I dedicate this poster to, as I had not realized it was directed at you the first time I saw it.

On another note, I had a fantastic day with my daughter yesterday.  And I didn’t even see it coming.  I had an involuntary rest day when my cell phone failed to act as alarm clock and tried paper-weighting.  It also failed paper-weighting because it didn’t have any paper.  I should probably stop dropping it so much, then it won’t get confused.  Usually missing a run is not a good omen for my day.

I saw the chiropractor fairly early in the day.  After my husband, no other man comes close to making me feel that good.  If you see one, you know what I mean.  Then we checked out a yarn shop I found in the area.  I liked.  Then onwards to a panini shop I really like.  Then a detour to the beach.  The water is still in the 40ies and there was cool wind off the water, but the sun made the sand hot.

I agreed to move here after I saw this beach.

After school, we grabbed the first grader to go to the library for a book reload.  After dinner, we all roasted marshmallows in the back yard.

This morning I came within 20 seconds of my 6 mile PR.  I look forward to trying again next week!

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This morning was cloudy with a heavy mist.  Now it has burned off into full sun.  This morning it was 56* when I went out.  Now it is over 62*.

I wore shorts and a tee and quite enjoyed the thick, wet air.  Like running through a mister, except it lasted my entire run.  All those slackers who slept in this morning get to run in the hot sun.  Ha!

I did opt for the 3 mile slow run this morning and I will take my chances tomorrow.  My legs were still sore last night and I decided pushing it wouldn’t help.  This morning I did feel a minor twinge in my right shin and continuing tightness in my right thigh.  Now I remember, I was supposed to make an appointment with the chiropractor.  This is the same pain I felt about 2 months ago.  My hip goes out and pulls my entire right leg with it.  See for yourself –

My right foot wandering off...

The cramps and shin splints will get worse until I get realigned.  The pain helps me to remember better.  I noticed my right foot was doing its own thing last week and I meant to make an appointment for this past Wednesday before it worsened.  I do have 2 kids and therefore can claim “Mommy Brain.”  For anyone unfamiliar with this debilitating syndrome, it is brought on by the hormones of pregnancy.  The result is the walls of the once-proud vault guarding your memory turns to cheesecloth.  Symptoms include forgetting names of common objects and people, what you just ate, and most common, items 2-9 on your 10 things to do list.  I also forgot my phone at the store last night and my keys in the door all day.

“Adopt a kid, Save your brain” should be the what the posters say.

My own son ditched me for his second run this morning.  We agreed last night that I would go do my 3 and then we would do his 1 together.  He was still asleep when I got back and wanted nothing to do with it.  I am not going to push too hard, because I don’t want running to become a chore.  I want getting the eggs at night to become a chore because it looks like a raccoon had a good snack last night.

Enjoy your weekend!

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