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So my last run was 6 miles on Wednesday.  Here it is Tuesday and I finally made it out for 3 miles.  I have felt really knocked back by the head and chest cold I had/have.  2 of the sick days I spent laying down.  A very strong desire to maintain my training and feel normal pushed me out the door this morning.  It was rather cruel.

My last run was 50* and sunny.  I wore shorts and a short-sleeve tee.  It was nice, though I kept reminding myself that it is still March and anything can happen.  This morning I had to overcome the hurdles of bodily weakness, 27* and a biting wind.  My depleted mental state had me questioning the wisdom of ever going out again, because I didn’t need this.  I couldn’t find my insulated gloves so my fingers were cold.  The wind wore my cheeks raw.  The extra fluid in my ears made me dizzy and nauseous standing, nevermind running.  It was all I could do to keep stumbling in a forward direction and not fall into traffic.

I did make it back home.  I even surprised myself with a 10-minute pace, which a year ago, was the best I could do.

Tomorrow, I have another 6 miles scheduled.  I hope I can make it.  If I really can’t, my 4 and 6 mile loops overlap for the first 2 miles and I can always cut short to 4 miles.  If I could do 3 miles today, I know I can do 4 miles tomorrow, maybe even all 6.  After that, the Thursday 3 will seem easy.  Then I’ll get another rest day before the next 3 on Saturday.  By Sunday, I should be fine to make a go at the 8 miles I missed this Sunday.

Maybe things are looking up, maybe I did need this.


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