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So I made it out this morning after over a week of not running.  I ran 3 miles in 30 minutes.  It got harder as I went on, but I needed to get it done.  I actually felt much more energized this morning following my run.  I got the kids up and made pancakes.  I felt good.  Still can’t hear on the left side, but my face doesn’t hurt anymore.  I will keep going to get back on track with training.

After I got the kids to school, one on the bus to first grade and the other at preschool, I sat down to eat my pancakes and read news on my ipod before getting ready for work.  I read a story on ABC about a labor organizer in Bangladesh who was found tortured and killed.  Sad in its own right and concerning to me as it mentioned he was working on conditions at Nike factories, among others, before he was killed.  I have been a big fan of Nike products since I was a kid because I just like how they fit.  My soon-to-be-replaced running shoes are Nike and they suddenly felt tainted with this man’s blood.

Do these shoes look bloody to you? Although “Made in China” all parts contribute to the whole and vice versa.

I was in grade school during the 90’s and so missed the labor scandal Nike survived at that point.  I have learned of it this morning as I researched further.  While this man’s death is big news in international and labor circles, it quickly fell off ABC and has not made it to other sites.  We all know about the poor overseas conditions many of our goods are made in, but for the most part we do not change our buying behavior.  Apple has had its own crisis lately and Tommy Hilfiger had a factory fire that killed 29 last year.

The makers of pink slime recently filed for bankruptcy because no one will buy their product anymore.  Consumers demanded better of the stores selling their meat, who in turn, stopped adding the filler.  I suppose the difference is that, as consumers, this creepy stuff directly affects us and our bodies.  Could you point out Bangladesh on a map?  Do you even know what language is spoken in that country?  Not me, wish I could say otherwise.  It would seem that for most of us, the harm is displaced far enough to be inconsequential.

So before I step back off my soap box, I will say that in researching my next pair of running shoes I will comparison shop the performance features and hidden human cost.  The only blood I want on my stuff is mine (preferably as little as possible).


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