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I recently figured out how this blogging thing fits into my life.  I never did it before, I didn’t even have a Facebook page until last November.  And, honored to have 5 followers I do not know, I thought I would issue a Thank You!

Prior to last July, I was the assistant store manager for a retail outlet in New Hampshire.  Basically I ran the joint while the manager was searching YouTube on her phone or on medical leave.  I had 25 employees who clambered for my attention, chatting with me about anything in their life or mine at every opportunity.  I sound full of myself, but really, I am a good person and there were lots of tears when I left.

I have been in a void ever since, not knowing anyone in southern Massachusetts and maintaining my dislike of phone conversation.  As much as I love my dear husband and 2 children, they don’t really make for good casual conversation.  That is where you come in.  It occurred to me that blogging is my new conversation outlet.  An alternative could have been sneaking into the cafeteria of a local company and pretending I work there for the sake of maintaining conversation with other adults.

Much like my former workplace, this is also a personal spot for me to share without involving family.  While the good intentions are all there, my sister-in-law “likes” every new thing I post on my store’s Facebook page.  Sometimes my husband and mom jump in there too.  On WordPress, there is no artificial “like” or “follow” because I haven’t told a soul I actually know that I am doing this.  Except for my parrot.  She comes to work with me every day and is not a speaking variety, so my secret is safe.

So. thank you again, for reading.  I appreciate that complete strangers can find my thoughts interesting, without reducing myself to stalking cafeterias.

Me & Mango

Me & Mango, a yellow-sided green-cheek conure, at work.

Also, I am in a good mood today because my six miles this morning went fantastic!


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