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And I don’t mean me, barely awake and on the road before a shower.

Shortly after starting out for a 6-miler this week, I found that a neighbor’s attached garage had burned in the night.  I first noticed the water in the street and then the odd fluffy drifts in the front yard.  As the garage became visible, I saw that it was a charred skeleton surrounded by yellow tape.  Once I realized what had occured, I looked again at the house.  The side of the house was scorched and 2 window screens, mangled from being kicked out, rested on the roof of the farmer’s porch.  As I passed the garage end of the house, I could see the children’s toys scattered around the backyard.  That made me think.

We live in a cape with all the bedrooms on the second floor.  I do have window escape ladders but they would be too heavy for my children to manage.  As parents, we worry so much about keeping children in second floor bedrooms what happens if they need to get out?  My six year-old can open his window if he needed to escape.  My four year-old cannot.  At least the master bedroom has a bathroom and towels.  If needed, we could always get to the childrens’ rooms with wet blankets.  But what if we couldn’t?

And so went the rest of my usually peaceful run.  These were thoughts I could not run from.

My son (who sits on the bus with another neighbor) later informed me that the kindergartener who lives in the house woke up and ran out.  His father, unable to find him, stayed in the house looking and ended up badly burned.  I remember writing up escape plans in grade school when teachers assigned them after fire department visits.  We have not set up plans as a family.  I know what we are going to do this weekend.

Does your family have a plan?


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