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My husband can be taken by the occasional internet fear-mongering.  It makes me crazy.

Last night he had an appointment and was going to take our daughter, so I made dinner early to ensure she ate.  His appointment was delayed, so he stayed to eat some dinner.  I had made ham steak with garlic green beans and brussels sprouts.  The sprouts are for me, I have low expectations of vegetable variety with the rest of my family.

Instead of taking some of the remaining ham, my husband started to reheat leftovers.

“I haven’t put away food from dinner tonight, you could have some ham”  I offered.

“Nope.  Brainworm.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I read it online, they have been finding brainworm in uncooked pork.”

“I cooked it.”

“There are 2,000 people with brainworm in the US right now.”

“2,000?  There are 3 million other people just in this state and I cooked the ham.  Eat it.”

“Just a little bit” as he grabs the smallest piece in the dish.

Really?  And people wonder why my kids are picky.  They take their lead from the big one.


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