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I caught the latest preschool disease last week from my daughter.  I’m told we blame one of the Emmas (there are 2).  My daughter spent a day with me at the store hibernating under a table behind the desk.  I brought in her sleeping bag and a movie player.  She didn’t move much for 6 hours.  She is better now.

My sick preschooler in her cave at work

But anyway, I spent my weekend trying to conserve the energy to stay awake at work.  Fun times when you run a store by yourself with only a parrot for back-up.  And not one of the helpful talking kinds.  Very bummed, but I had to skip 2 runs, including a long run.  I drugged myself up last night determined to run this morning.  It was scheduled to be a very nice day.

I managed to drag myself out for a slow 3 miles (or at least 3 minutes slower than I usually do it).  When I got back, it was creeping up to over 40* and getting mighty lovely out there.  The fresh air and sunshine helped my mood I think, I was not so positive when I left the house.

On my way to work, I decided to roll down the window a bit.  It was over 50* now, and I wanted to enjoy it.  Unfortunately, this guy was in front of me.  (Yes, this is through my windshield with my phone.)

Why are you wrecking my air?!?!

Gross, he is smoking out the window.  Guess I have to roll up mine.  I respect another person’s freedom of choice to kill themselves slowly with a cancer stick, but I hate it when it interferes with my life.  Today I just have to roll up, have you ever been on a motorcycle behind a smoker?  No roll-up option available and it can really ruin an otherwise pleasurable experience.

I am kind of fussy about my fresh air, especially when it smells nice and spring-y.  I was terribly asthmatic as a child with frequent hospitalizations.  I’ve also always had terrible allergies as an accompaniment.  I have grown out of the asthma, but not the allergies.  Smoke of any nature usually sets my body off, recovering from Emma’s illness doesn’t help the cause.

So I may have said bad words to the man in the truck while I drove, sniffling. 

I said a few more when he tossed the cigarette and it bounced off my windshield. 

I was grateful when he turned off and I could continue in peace, rolling down the window for the rest of my ride.


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