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A Rash Decision, Weeks in the Making

Do you remember the opening scene of Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken?  If not, find it here on YouTube to refresh yourself.  Though I haven’t seen the movie since it hit VHS, that scene ran through my head this morning as I chopped my hair off.  I wondered to myself if my husband would ask me to put a paper bag on my head as the main character was made to.  I doubt it, but he hasn’t seen me yet and I will need his help later this evening to straighten the back.  My husband is type A and a salon customer.  He loves my cooking but can’t stand to watch me randomly throw spices in the pot. 

Two things have lead me to this point.  One, I am not really a people-person.  Have you ever met a quiet hairdresser?  They just keep talking, and I want them to stop.  Two, money is a bit tight and I would prefer to spend the $40 at the chiropractor next week.

Has this really been weeks in the making?  Sure, the thoughts started around the last time we filled the oil tank.  We cut back on the kids shower time, “you’re there to get clean, not play!”  I tried cutting back on my time, but it takes me forever to get the conditioner out of my hair.  It wasn’t that long, only just below my shoulders but I hate the slimey feel of conditioner in my hair.  So I thought, to shorten my showers I need to shorten my hair.  But then the theoretical math thoughts crept in.  If I spend $40 to cut my hair, at what point am I saving money by cutting my hair?  And so I left it for another day, weeks ago.

 This morning after cleaning my hair, I combed it in the mirror and saw how flat and straight and easy it looked to cut.  I knew at what length I wanted it, I should do it.  I have a trim kit I use for my kids that isn’t salon quality, but it works.  Like the clip from the movie, there was hesitation and then elation after the first cut.  No going back now! 

With further odd reasoning, I can argue that I just saved the money I need for the chiro next week.  That will help when I see my husband later.

My Self Hair Cut

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