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I don’t have the time to be sick, ever.  I miss those middle and high school days when you were old enough to stay home sick and the house was yours.  It was golden to be sick enough to stay home, but not sick enough to hate your every waking moment. 

It has been about a week since I first became sick.  I have managed 3 runs since the 2 I missed, including the 3 miles this morning.  I had to run today to make up for the run I skipped yesterday.  Yesterday was rough.  It seemed almost at random that I woke up and felt exhausted, as I had felt fine the day before.

So today was better, I got it in.  Not my best 3 mile time, but I worked it.  My nose was still a little stuffy when I went out and it was clear when I got back.  At least it was easier to clear out my sinuses after.  Fun colors and textures at the end of a cold.

Speaking of sinus goo, my son had asked me this past weekend why there was so much of it.  I had to tell him that I had no idea.  It certainly doesn’t seem conducive to resting when you are constantly blowing your nose.  So I promised to look it up.  Now I know that the body considers a head cold an attack on the respiratory system and creates extra goo to flush the virus out of the body.  That is fun.

I have yet to remember when I see my son to follow-up from my research.  I decided long ago to be honest about what I know and don’t know and do my best to find out.  I know I have it much easier than my parents did answering my incessant questions.  They didn’t have a google.


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