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Running Fool

Usually I cringe going into April, waiting for the annoying folks who think they are funny.  Luckily this year, the day fell on a Sunday.  I would not have to interact with anyone outside of my immediate family.

I was excited to feel up to making the 8 mile run I missed last week.  It started off slow, as I was pacing myself to last the distance.  Generally, I run my long runs at a 9 minute pace and refrain from checking my time during my run.  I had drawn out this route on MapMyRun, again.  This time, I knew the roads all met as I had driven them before.  The route was pretty simple too.  I was running a loop around a lake.

When I came to a road I run frequently and knew was 3 miles from home, I checked my time.  Around 42 minutes for 5 miles!!  I had thought I was running slow, but apparently my training was making me really fast.  Feeling good, I pressed on with renewed enthusiasm, which had started to wane as I tired.  I checked my time again about a mile from home and was a little surprised to see that I had slowed my pace a bit.  I guess this residual sinus issue is really throwing off my head.  So I tried to run a little bit faster.

When I got home from running 8.36 miles in 71:10, I was pretty excited.  I had been sick and I ran faster than my usual pace.  Sweet!

I went inside to stretch and post.  I use my cell phone to post the workout to MapMyRun, then I can share it on Facebook from there.  After I shared on Facebook, I realized that my pace worked out to 8:30.  Well I know I am not capable of that on a long run. 

I went back to the app to check the route I was supposed to run.  I had mapped a left turn onto a side street shortly after starting out.  That would have extended my run to the full length.

Crap, anyone who actually looks at my past time will see that I had some crazy time.  Quick, it’s Sunday morning, I can delete the post.  Nope, not from my cell phone I can’t.  So I commented on my post that I read the distance wrong.  That sounded stupid, but at least I admitted the error without looking like a complete idiot, I think.

Further research shows that I ran 7.67 miles with a pace of 9:15.  Not bad, though I am a little sore today.

How excited I was to have great time only to find that I had fooled myself before anyone else got the chance.


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We all do it.  We plan something out to succeed, think it through again and run with it.  Then, when you get good and committed on your path, something goes awry and there is no going back.  If you are like me and you continue to plow ahead after realizing you are doomed, the plan’s failure gets more monumental.

Have you ever used the MapMyRun/Bike/Hike/Whatever app?  It is a great app for tracking your runs and results.  I, against all better judgement, do not run with my phone because I just have no place to put it.  So I use the computer to plan runs and my iPod Shuffle to time them.  Then I imput the time on the phone app when I get home, post the run to Facebook, and voila, I am tracking my runs.


This program is a time-saver because I can plan my runs using the mapping feature on the computer instead of driving around trying to come up with, say, a 7-mile distance to run.  When I made my 6-mile loop, I used roads I had not driven before, but had driven by.  It worked out well. 

The Planned 7-Mile Run

Not so much with my 7-mile distance.

I ran almost 5 of the 7 miles with the idea of cutting through a road I had mapped to get back.  On my end of the road, there is a gate that runners and bikers regularly skirt.  Apparently they aren’t running all the way through.  On the other end of the road, is a very large gate and fence with no obvious path around.  So instead of turning around, I wanted to make sure I got my 7 miles in and I kept running.  Good idea, right?

The original plan was go just past the cross-road, then turn around and take it.  I didn’t see the side street I had designated as my turn around point, so I kept running.  I thought, maybe it was further ahead?  When I got to the next town, I knew it was time to turn around.  I double-checked the cross-road and there were definitely no paths worn around the fence.  So I ran back to the main road to take the longer way back home.

Then I remembered a new problem, I always write down my miles and ETA for my husband, in the event something happens to me.  How far extra had I run?  How much time could elapse from that ETA before I was in real trouble?  So I ran faster on already tired legs.

I got good news about a 1/2 mile from home.  I could hear the church bells ringing out 9 AM.  I had written down “9-ish” for my husband.  A few more minutes and I would be there!

Of course when I got there, I found that my husband had not bothered to read the board and so had no idea of when to expect me.

In the end, I only ran an extra 1/2 mile over the 7 planned and in good time too.  At least next Sunday, 8 miles won’t seem so much further.

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