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I recently figured out how this blogging thing fits into my life.  I never did it before, I didn’t even have a Facebook page until last November.  And, honored to have 5 followers I do not know, I thought I would issue a Thank You!

Prior to last July, I was the assistant store manager for a retail outlet in New Hampshire.  Basically I ran the joint while the manager was searching YouTube on her phone or on medical leave.  I had 25 employees who clambered for my attention, chatting with me about anything in their life or mine at every opportunity.  I sound full of myself, but really, I am a good person and there were lots of tears when I left.

I have been in a void ever since, not knowing anyone in southern Massachusetts and maintaining my dislike of phone conversation.  As much as I love my dear husband and 2 children, they don’t really make for good casual conversation.  That is where you come in.  It occurred to me that blogging is my new conversation outlet.  An alternative could have been sneaking into the cafeteria of a local company and pretending I work there for the sake of maintaining conversation with other adults.

Much like my former workplace, this is also a personal spot for me to share without involving family.  While the good intentions are all there, my sister-in-law “likes” every new thing I post on my store’s Facebook page.  Sometimes my husband and mom jump in there too.  On WordPress, there is no artificial “like” or “follow” because I haven’t told a soul I actually know that I am doing this.  Except for my parrot.  She comes to work with me every day and is not a speaking variety, so my secret is safe.

So. thank you again, for reading.  I appreciate that complete strangers can find my thoughts interesting, without reducing myself to stalking cafeterias.

Me & Mango

Me & Mango, a yellow-sided green-cheek conure, at work.

Also, I am in a good mood today because my six miles this morning went fantastic!


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I had a great long run on Sunday.  I even had to wake up early to get in the 6 miles so I could get back to hear that I was late.  We made plans to travel back to NH for the day, so we always start out early for the 2 hour drive.  I felt good on the run.  It was 50* and partly sunny, I made the distance in decent time without incident.  I was running a bit sleepy because my husband had a rough night with his allergies.

Ready to Go

The kids are ready to go in the car. They are expert packers for these daytrips by now.

Once in the state I miss, we did 2 hours of yard work on our old house that we have not yet sold.  We had to move for my husband’s job, otherwise I never would have left NH.  I was more fatigued and now shaky from hunger when we left. 

Next stop was the family farm owned by my husband’s great-uncle.  We chatted with Grandma and Uncle, ran through a meadow (I trotted when I wasn’t walking) and ate our lunch.

Even more fun was spending the next 2 hours at an outlet shopping center so my husband could find new oxfords and pants for work.  I walked the center a few times with the kids, creating a present for my nephew’s birthday we are missing next weekend.  We found clothing and a Celtics puzzle, I am not an exciting gift-giver by normal child standards.

Wild Ride

The wind made for a good action shot. I never actually put money in these, but my kids always have to try them out.

Then we stopped at my Dad’s house to meet his new dog, Ripley.  A basset hound/german shepard mix is a silly looking dog, but he was nice.  We learned that he has trouble with northern accents, as he came from a Louisiana kill shelter.  We left them with the present and finally started the trek home.

I got to bed by 10, but it felt like 12.  This morning’s run at 6:30 came too soon.  I debated skipping, but only briefly.  I made a promise to myself to run as often as I can to rebuild strength (without hurting myself) and I knew there were about 25,000 people planning to run a marathon today.  A bonus for me was the time I got to run.  It was only 60* at 6:30.  If that many people can get it together to run that far in the heat, I can certainly do what I have to do to train to maybe one day be like them.

P.S. – Being new to Massachusetts, did someone make up Patriot’s Day to give us the day off for the race?  Seems oddly coincidental.

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