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I took yesterday off, but today I was back on.  I ran 4 miles this morning.  I was quite discouraged with myself when I got home.  I should be running 11 miles this Sunday, if the last several weeks had not set me back with head colds.  So I can continue the self-pity or move on and figure out how to make it work.

After I got the first grader on the bus and the preschooler ready for her day at work with me, I took a look at my training plan.  I do have the ability to be objective and honest with myself about what I can do, something I notice some people lack.

So any way, I believe I can do another 3 tomorrow and 6 on Sunday.  I will work on strength and endurance with 3 mile runs as often as I can.  I will keep my 6 miles as scheduled on Wednesdays and jump next Sunday to 8 miles.  That gives me another week to get back to where I was a few weeks ago.  I can jump again on the 29th to 10 miles.  Sounds fast, but I promise to go easy with the pace to build the endurance I need for the distance.  That gives me 3 more Sundays to do 11, 12 and 13 miles before I scale back prior to the big race.  I am less concerned about the time now and more concerned about the distance.  Although it would be nice to do better than a friend who recently ran her first half.  She did 2:22, can I beat that?  I’ll sure try.

Even better is the news of how much we are expecting to get back from our taxes.  I have been holding off on registering for the race because it has a high price ($70 right now) with the intent of pretending I was running the race that day if I did not have the cash to pay for it.  Now I can be assured of the cash and if I am lucky, I will still be early enough to get a t-shirt!


The Old Sandwish Road Race Half Marathon is my big event for this spring!


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