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Yesterday was not a bad day, until I got home.  I started to cook dinner and sent the minions (kids) outside to play.  After a few minutes they came running in to tell me there were feathers all over the place in the backyard.  I had let the chickens out to forage for the day in the morning, so I thought this was not going to end well.  It didn’t.

I found lots of feathers and a chicken who was still alive, but ripped up pretty bad.  I was missing 3 more.  After a search, I turned up 1 body that was not eaten.  Even better, they weren’t attacked by something hungry, this was for pleasure.  I know now that the chickens can no longer be outside the run unattended. 

After I buried the one, I dug another hole.  The injured hen was not going to make it, way too much damage.  And she was suffering.  I couldn’t let her die slowly in pain, so I decided I had to take care of her.  I have seen animals dying and dead, but never have I killed with intent.  It was a hard decision and even harder to pull off.  My husband offered to do it for me, but I determined that they were my birds and it was my decision to let them out, so it was my mess to clean up.

I have struggled with what I had to do since last night, not sleeping well and trying to hold it together when I think about it.  I almost pushed my 12 miler off to tomorrow, afraid that I couldn’t make it emotionally.  I did do it today and I did it well.  I had to work through the emotions a few times and regained control by focusing on the beauty I saw around me.  A pair of Canadian geese with chicks by the shore, a startled blue heron gracefully leaping to flight, a deer bounding across the road in front of me.  And the lake views, flowers, bird song and sunshine stayed with me the rest of the time.

The 2 hours I spent on road therapy helped me to move past the horror of what I had seen and done last night.  I am sad, my ladies are closer to pets than livestock for me and this was our first mass slaughter.  I have 6 left and we will spend this weekend doing what we can to protect them for the future.


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Totally one of those days.

I am still sore from my mis-adventure on Sunday and from the subsequent 5 hours of yard work that resulted in my first sunburn and poison ivy experiences of the year.  I took Monday as a much needed rest day and I was not expecting to get the time I did on the 3 miles I ran this morning.  So I felt pretty good about the run.  Then the kids woke up.  They demanded a big, baked pancake for breakfast because I had found the idea on Pinterest yesterday.  It came out alright, a little chalky.  I think I would need to tweek the recipe in the future.

Then it all went downhill.  My daughter didn’t want to go to preschool.  Well you have to go to preschool.  So she threw up on the floor.  Okay, you don’t have to go to preschool.  Then I got a good look at my son.  Is that poison ivy all over your face making your eyes look swollen and pained?  Super.  The doctor’s office isn’t open until 10?  I can’t make an appointment in advance with the off-hours service?

So then I had to open my shop 1.5 hours late and I got to watch my 2 sick kids while at work.  At least today was a slow day and we are almost ready to head out.  Almost.  I had to fight the first grader to get my computer back to post to maintain my sanity that I grasped early in the morning when I ran by a misty lakeside sunrise thinking, it doesn’t get better than this.

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