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So I am still sick.  My left ear has been filled with fluid for over a week at this point.  My facial sinuses are starting to feel some relief though.  Unfortunately, I did not make either of my anticipated runs this weekend. 

I woke up early as planned on Saturday to start the lentil soup for Easter.  I felt terrible after a rough night and grudgingly conceded that I would not be going out during the free window I had.  So I rested for a couple of hours until I got up to shower and continue cooking.  I did well cooking and handling (tolerating) all the family in my house for the day.  The meal was done perfectly at 1 PM and everyone was happy.  A bonus of the ear fluid was that I could make it clear I could not hear well.  My mother is a terrible gossip and gave up the one-sided conversation when I waasn’t answering her.  Of course, then she went and cornered my father and stepmother.  Their problem, not mine.

Saturday night, I went to bed with the good intentions of getting up to try the 3 miles on Sunday.  I again had a rough night and felt tired when I got up.  But I got ready for the day, ate breakfast, did some laundry and dishes, intending to get done what needed to get done.  Then I got real tired.  I layed down on the couch and it was over.  My husband took the kids to the store and out to lunch, I slept for 5 hours.  I took it easy getting going again after they came home.  I was pretty hungry by dinner time and felt better by reading time, 8 PM.  I really enjoy the time we spend reading together before the kids go to bed. 

I set 2 alarms last night.  One for running and one for not running.  I ended up not running.  I decided that maybe since I crashed Sunday and I actually to work Monday, I should not use up all my energy before I get there.  It just wouldn’t do to have my 4 year old and parrot run the shop if I pass out, exhausted.

Which brings me to my new concern.  I can feel that I am slowly getting better, emphasis on slowly, but when should I just do it?  Tomorrow?  I’d like to.  Again, I am going to try to get up.  I remember reading in Runner’s World that you can safely break for 5 days without detriment to your training.  I have been off and on for 3 weeks at this point, with nothing since last Sunday.  Also, we had to move furniture on Saturday to set up the tables and I was really struggling with the couch.  The overall weakness I feel is not encouraging.  What if I can’t make my goals for the race in June?  I need to reset my training again, but how far back should I go?  I can say to my mind that I have not had my mental running boost for some time and I am just being negative.

So, stay positive, you can get back up.  I think I have reached a commitment point where that first step out is the hard one.  My face doesn’t hurt today and I did not have as much crap in my lungs this morning.  I have been sounding really yummy in the morning lately.  Since I run against traffic, I don’t really need my left ear, not much comes from that direction.  And I haven’t passed out today, so I probably slept it off yesterday.  And my Facebook profile only shows 8 miles for April, I have to change that.

Some parting words of recently aquired wisdom, muffin tins are good for more than just muffins.  I froze the leftover lentil soup and then bagged up the disks this morning for pre-portioned ready-to-go soup!

Frozen Lentil Soup in muffin tins gets bagged up!


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I swear I wrote a very thorough and concise training plan for a half marathon in June.  I increased my weekly mileage slowly and planned speed workouts throughout the week.  I even left in extra time in the event that weather intervened. 

I have already had to push my plan back a week when I was sick a couple of weeks ago and unable to stand, forget running.  Whatever disease I had has created a sinus infection, or acute maxillary sinusitis per the doctor, that has really made life difficult this past week.  I have not run since Sunday and know I will not be up to increasing this Sunday.  Also, my family is coming down Saturday for Easter and I am really behind on the cleaning.

So I will have to set my training back another week, again.  At least I will have the time tomorrow in my meal plan to take a run and shower before anyone arrives.  I do make plans for everything.

Easter Plan

I do this every year and save them for future reference.  So I have time after starting the lentil soup and before putting in the ham.  I was going to premake the rolls today and refrigerate, but I decided I will have time to make them fresh Saturday.

So I am thinking I will start with a 3 mile run Saturday and maybe a 6 mile run on Sunday if Saturday goes well.  Today is the first day all week that my teeth aren’t throbbing from the pressure, so I take it as a sign that I am on the mend, even if I can’t hear anything on the left side.  Of course, I also wanted to be on plan so I could say I was up to 9 miles this week.  Since that won’t happen, I will have to rely on the pity attention from accomplishing a dinner for 18 people with some minor disability.  Just don’t look too hard at the floors, or glass, or anywhere really.

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So I think I was really productive and used up a lot of follow-through on Wednesday.  I would like it noted that I am recharging my follow-through.

On Wednesday, I ran 4 of the 6 miles I planned.  After 2 miles I knew I did not yet have the strength back from my cold.  I went grocery shopping, bought a new ink cartridge, and did some cooking.  I converted my banana bread recipe to a banana oat muffin recipe that replaced the oil with applesauce.  I cut and cooked chicken for the freezer.  Now I have cooked chicken for a pot pie and a soup.  I made italian loaves for the freezer.  I made rolls for dinner.  I made dinner, did some laundry, and lots of dishes.  I was tired after getting the kids to bed.

I also decided to move my Thursday run to Friday.  As I struggled through the 4 miles, I thought I should take my rest day early.  Then I would feel even better for my weekend runs.  I had a rough time on Thursday with my daughter at work and really didn’t get much done at work or home.  But it was okay, because I did so much on Wednesday.

I woke up this morning with good intentions to run.  It didn’t happen.  I had trouble sleeping and that made my head hurt when I woke up.  I was bummed that I couldn’t get up to get out so I decided I would make breakfast for the kids.  I didn’t get up for that either.  Who wants cereal?

I am having a much better day with my daughter, who is currently napping my back room.  I have a pile of stuff left over from yesterday that I decided I should do today.  It’s still there in its entirety.  I did other (less pressing) stuff this morning, does that count?

Ok, I’ll take another shot at finishing my work.  At least I am not causing problems or wasting time for my employer as I work for myself.  Or is that part of the problem?

Here I go, although I can feel that my follow-through is not yet charged.  I hope it is back up for tomorrow’s run!

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So my last run was 6 miles on Wednesday.  Here it is Tuesday and I finally made it out for 3 miles.  I have felt really knocked back by the head and chest cold I had/have.  2 of the sick days I spent laying down.  A very strong desire to maintain my training and feel normal pushed me out the door this morning.  It was rather cruel.

My last run was 50* and sunny.  I wore shorts and a short-sleeve tee.  It was nice, though I kept reminding myself that it is still March and anything can happen.  This morning I had to overcome the hurdles of bodily weakness, 27* and a biting wind.  My depleted mental state had me questioning the wisdom of ever going out again, because I didn’t need this.  I couldn’t find my insulated gloves so my fingers were cold.  The wind wore my cheeks raw.  The extra fluid in my ears made me dizzy and nauseous standing, nevermind running.  It was all I could do to keep stumbling in a forward direction and not fall into traffic.

I did make it back home.  I even surprised myself with a 10-minute pace, which a year ago, was the best I could do.

Tomorrow, I have another 6 miles scheduled.  I hope I can make it.  If I really can’t, my 4 and 6 mile loops overlap for the first 2 miles and I can always cut short to 4 miles.  If I could do 3 miles today, I know I can do 4 miles tomorrow, maybe even all 6.  After that, the Thursday 3 will seem easy.  Then I’ll get another rest day before the next 3 on Saturday.  By Sunday, I should be fine to make a go at the 8 miles I missed this Sunday.

Maybe things are looking up, maybe I did need this.

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Sundays are a good day for me.  It is the weekend day when I get everything done.  I usually make myself a list and find great satisfaction in crossing stuff off.  Wednesday of last week was my most recent productive day.  I have been down and out with some illness since then.  Here is a brief summary of my Sunday:

Tissues & Blanket

I got up, ate, showered and put my pjs back on.  My husband was surprised, as he had planned on a group trip to Home Depot.  I assured him there would be a group trip – without me.  If I wasn’t good for my planned 8 miles, I wasn’t going to Home Depot.

I spent the rest of the day in and out of conciousness.  When awake, the list of to-do’s plagued me.  I had really needed Sunday.

  • 8 mile run – I was really looking forward to this distance.  I had consoled myself with a rainy weather forecast, but then it didn’t rain
  • make granola – I love me some homemade granola with my yogurt, and I’m out!
  • make bread – fresh rolls for dinner and some for the week
  • make dinner – my husband tried, but he just doesn’t try as hard as I do to make it tasty AND healthy
  • assist on 1st grade book project – a 2 fact windsock, thing
  • cut back plants – there are some scraggley plants out there
  • clean dining room – 2 weeks until Easter!
  • dig out Easter notes – I track what I cook every year by quantity and popularity
  • laundry – 3 loads?  I fold much better than my husband, who was unhappy at how wrinkled his pants were this morning
  • dishes – my husband doesn’t even know where they all go, at least they got washed
  • adjust training plan back 1 week – I missed 14 of 23 miles this week, so I may as well do-over
  • find that Diego library book the kids lost – I swear I have already looked everywhere

Clearly, the list plagues me still. 

I postponed today’s short run to tomorrow.  I will take it easy at work today and get a few things done tonight.

The world doesn’t stop for Mom, it means I have to be crafty to catch up.

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Totally one of those days.

I am still sore from my mis-adventure on Sunday and from the subsequent 5 hours of yard work that resulted in my first sunburn and poison ivy experiences of the year.  I took Monday as a much needed rest day and I was not expecting to get the time I did on the 3 miles I ran this morning.  So I felt pretty good about the run.  Then the kids woke up.  They demanded a big, baked pancake for breakfast because I had found the idea on Pinterest yesterday.  It came out alright, a little chalky.  I think I would need to tweek the recipe in the future.

Then it all went downhill.  My daughter didn’t want to go to preschool.  Well you have to go to preschool.  So she threw up on the floor.  Okay, you don’t have to go to preschool.  Then I got a good look at my son.  Is that poison ivy all over your face making your eyes look swollen and pained?  Super.  The doctor’s office isn’t open until 10?  I can’t make an appointment in advance with the off-hours service?

So then I had to open my shop 1.5 hours late and I got to watch my 2 sick kids while at work.  At least today was a slow day and we are almost ready to head out.  Almost.  I had to fight the first grader to get my computer back to post to maintain my sanity that I grasped early in the morning when I ran by a misty lakeside sunrise thinking, it doesn’t get better than this.

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I don’t have the time to be sick, ever.  I miss those middle and high school days when you were old enough to stay home sick and the house was yours.  It was golden to be sick enough to stay home, but not sick enough to hate your every waking moment. 

It has been about a week since I first became sick.  I have managed 3 runs since the 2 I missed, including the 3 miles this morning.  I had to run today to make up for the run I skipped yesterday.  Yesterday was rough.  It seemed almost at random that I woke up and felt exhausted, as I had felt fine the day before.

So today was better, I got it in.  Not my best 3 mile time, but I worked it.  My nose was still a little stuffy when I went out and it was clear when I got back.  At least it was easier to clear out my sinuses after.  Fun colors and textures at the end of a cold.

Speaking of sinus goo, my son had asked me this past weekend why there was so much of it.  I had to tell him that I had no idea.  It certainly doesn’t seem conducive to resting when you are constantly blowing your nose.  So I promised to look it up.  Now I know that the body considers a head cold an attack on the respiratory system and creates extra goo to flush the virus out of the body.  That is fun.

I have yet to remember when I see my son to follow-up from my research.  I decided long ago to be honest about what I know and don’t know and do my best to find out.  I know I have it much easier than my parents did answering my incessant questions.  They didn’t have a google.

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