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My first observation today was that the kids slept in, good news for all!  It wasn’t until 8:15 when I left the house for my run, usually I leave by 6:30.  I felt nearly naked running this morning in only shorts and tee.  Sleeping in also meant the day had warmed to 50*.  Usually I run in a long sleeve tech under a sports fleece with sweatpants.  I may have some extra drag factor in the wind.

So it was a lovely morning with sunshine and birds, the neighbor’s dog pooping in their yard and light traffic.  I also usually get to see the sun rise above the lakes when I run early.  But since I missed the sun rising, the birds put on their own show when I got to the lakes.  The starlings were singing in the trees, robins bopping about providing the footwork and red-wing blackbird males were chasing each other across the shallows in a fast-paced dance.

Red-Winged Blackbird

A red-winged blackbird, courtesy of a Vermont logging company's website.

Not my picture, but still a neat looking bird.  I ran 3 miles this morning 2 minutes faster than on Wednesday.  Starting to feel my body coming back to me.  When I finish my run, I stretch on the yoga mat I specifically requested from my in-laws for Christmas.  It is way better than on the carpet, which kinda captures the smell and doesn’t clean easily.  I like to stretch against a wall in the office, where we hung a random framed poster of a cockatoo I have had for years.

My Feet

My actual feet and poster and curtains. I didn't pick the paint.

Also, the curtains matched a room in our last house perfectly.  My husband could not bear to part with them, though I don’t think the teal works well with them.  I am not sure what the exact appeal of the poster is, other than we are bird people who like flowers.  In addition to stretching out the muscles, I also become a love-station.  My husband’s cat has learned that the mat functions much like a bathroom.  He has a captive audience with nothing better to do than pet him (or so he tells me).

The Friggin Cat

Friggin Cat is his given name, and he uses it well.

 Loooove the cat.  At least I have company.  The other 2 cats haven’t figured this out and the other humans are usually still asleep.  So we are cat people too, basically we love animals.  We also have 2 large fish tanks and I would really like some goats.  I hear they eat poison ivy like rabbits eat lettuce.  And we get poison ivy rashes like a pregnant super-star gets paparazzi.  Good times.

I did register for the half marathon last night.  $75.98 later I am good to go in June, with much Facebook encouragement from friends and family.  Luckily, the next race I have in mind after that only has a $20 fee with fundraising expectations.  I can do that, especially considering it is a children’s hospital.


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