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I ran on Saturday, did my 8 miles like a good bunny.  But I really wasn’t feeling it.  My legs were tired.  My head was tired.  I almost turned around.  So my time wasn’t anything special, but I got it done.Sunday did not happen probably because Saturday was a challenge.  I woke up early and ended up watching ThunderCats with my son instead of charging out the door.  Then I really wanted to get stuff planted, but it was hot.  I did some before I decided that what I really wanted to do was read and watch the kids splash.

They had more toys than pool!

The day of rest, although it did nothing for my future (hopefully) crop of veggies, worked out well for my run this morning.  I was able to do a 4-mile speed workout with an 8:36 minute pace.  I feel good about a 9 minute pace for my half marathon this Sunday, I look forward to making it to 8:30 for a fall half.

I don’t feel terribly fast out there, and my friend who achieved his BQ yesterday with a 3:00:05 marathon in Vermont doesn’t help.  I keep my perspective by thinking about how much I have gained this year (doubled the mileage & 30 seconds faster average pace) and that he didn’t birth any babies.  His wife made a cute one though!

Also, Happy Memorial Day!  Thank you to any service members, past or present, who read this!


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