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Sundays are a good day for me.  It is the weekend day when I get everything done.  I usually make myself a list and find great satisfaction in crossing stuff off.  Wednesday of last week was my most recent productive day.  I have been down and out with some illness since then.  Here is a brief summary of my Sunday:

Tissues & Blanket

I got up, ate, showered and put my pjs back on.  My husband was surprised, as he had planned on a group trip to Home Depot.  I assured him there would be a group trip – without me.  If I wasn’t good for my planned 8 miles, I wasn’t going to Home Depot.

I spent the rest of the day in and out of conciousness.  When awake, the list of to-do’s plagued me.  I had really needed Sunday.

  • 8 mile run – I was really looking forward to this distance.  I had consoled myself with a rainy weather forecast, but then it didn’t rain
  • make granola – I love me some homemade granola with my yogurt, and I’m out!
  • make bread – fresh rolls for dinner and some for the week
  • make dinner – my husband tried, but he just doesn’t try as hard as I do to make it tasty AND healthy
  • assist on 1st grade book project – a 2 fact windsock, thing
  • cut back plants – there are some scraggley plants out there
  • clean dining room – 2 weeks until Easter!
  • dig out Easter notes – I track what I cook every year by quantity and popularity
  • laundry – 3 loads?  I fold much better than my husband, who was unhappy at how wrinkled his pants were this morning
  • dishes – my husband doesn’t even know where they all go, at least they got washed
  • adjust training plan back 1 week – I missed 14 of 23 miles this week, so I may as well do-over
  • find that Diego library book the kids lost – I swear I have already looked everywhere

Clearly, the list plagues me still. 

I postponed today’s short run to tomorrow.  I will take it easy at work today and get a few things done tonight.

The world doesn’t stop for Mom, it means I have to be crafty to catch up.


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