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I feel some relief, actually, that the race I have trained 5 months for is 2 weeks away.  Saturday was my last really long practice run until the big one comes.  Having run 12 miles twice now, I see that it will take time before my body is used to the miles I have been making it go.

In the last 4 weeks my calves and thighs have gotten noticebly beefier.  My mommy mid-section has not changed much (bummer) but I can feel a more solid base of muscle under the, um, squishy stuff.  Even still, it takes a couple of days to fully recover from the long runs.  All my runs I have planned before the race I know I can recover from in a day or less.

I am not concerned about making the distance or the time because I know I have trained hard and fairly well, following the plan I set for myself.  I am looking forward to changing my diet a bit after the race.  I’m thinking of going carb-lite, with a lot more fruits and veggies, and with the intention of a small weight purge.  I stepped on the scale this morning because I have been feeling slightly heavier only to find that I am not.  Then I stepped off.  The little stick did not return back to zero.  So I recalibrated and, yes, I have upped a few pounds with the training to the high end of my ideal range. 

Also, I turn 30 in October and my legs are the best looking they have ever been.  I owe it to myself to take the 2 weeks of post-race easy runs and shape up a bit more for summer.  We all gotta have that one year we can look back on and say “I was awesome.”  My goal for the next 15 years is to make every year that year.  At some point, gravity is going to win.


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This morning I decided to start my son on running.  We had agreed in January that when it was warm enough, he could join me.  He had enjoyed watching the first finishers of the marathon yesterday, so his interest was for the moment, piqued.  I had wanted a rest day today because I am still feeling the raking from Sunday and tomorrow is another long run, I should save up.  We dropped the 4 yo off at preschool and hurried home to start out.  This week is school vacation, so that also made for an excellent time to break him in.

I told him we would be going a mile, 1/2 out and back, walking and jogging as he was able.  We walked about .2 miles to warm up and discuss road rules before we jogged a bit.  My son is not graceful, even for six years old.  Arms and legs were flying everywhere.  I tried to jog a bit before him so he could look at my form, then I told him to look at my form.  Stop dragging your feet in the sand, control your hands, slow down if you are breathing hard, etc. 

We slowed to walk for a bit again and talked about how it felt.  Over the course of the mile, we jogged about 5 times for a few minutes each.  On the way home, we stopped to talk to a mini horse in the neighbor’s yard.  She likes dandelions.

It was also recycling day on our road with curbside pickup.  As we were out before the trucks, we stopped a few times to pick up bottles that we could toss into the bins we passed.  My kids are quite trash-aware, so this earth-friendly activity helped to reinforce the positive experience of jogging.

Once home, I started in on flipping laundry but my son reminded me that we needed to stretch.  What a good little exerciser.  So we sat and stretched and drank more water.  We talked about the walk/jog and petted the cats.  He had a good morning and is looking forward to the next time I bring him out.  His goal is to run a full mile before the end of the summer.  I’ll make a more formal plan with him to get up on the rest days and go for our mile.

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I took yesterday off, but today I was back on.  I ran 4 miles this morning.  I was quite discouraged with myself when I got home.  I should be running 11 miles this Sunday, if the last several weeks had not set me back with head colds.  So I can continue the self-pity or move on and figure out how to make it work.

After I got the first grader on the bus and the preschooler ready for her day at work with me, I took a look at my training plan.  I do have the ability to be objective and honest with myself about what I can do, something I notice some people lack.

So any way, I believe I can do another 3 tomorrow and 6 on Sunday.  I will work on strength and endurance with 3 mile runs as often as I can.  I will keep my 6 miles as scheduled on Wednesdays and jump next Sunday to 8 miles.  That gives me another week to get back to where I was a few weeks ago.  I can jump again on the 29th to 10 miles.  Sounds fast, but I promise to go easy with the pace to build the endurance I need for the distance.  That gives me 3 more Sundays to do 11, 12 and 13 miles before I scale back prior to the big race.  I am less concerned about the time now and more concerned about the distance.  Although it would be nice to do better than a friend who recently ran her first half.  She did 2:22, can I beat that?  I’ll sure try.

Even better is the news of how much we are expecting to get back from our taxes.  I have been holding off on registering for the race because it has a high price ($70 right now) with the intent of pretending I was running the race that day if I did not have the cash to pay for it.  Now I can be assured of the cash and if I am lucky, I will still be early enough to get a t-shirt!


The Old Sandwish Road Race Half Marathon is my big event for this spring!

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So I am still sick.  My left ear has been filled with fluid for over a week at this point.  My facial sinuses are starting to feel some relief though.  Unfortunately, I did not make either of my anticipated runs this weekend. 

I woke up early as planned on Saturday to start the lentil soup for Easter.  I felt terrible after a rough night and grudgingly conceded that I would not be going out during the free window I had.  So I rested for a couple of hours until I got up to shower and continue cooking.  I did well cooking and handling (tolerating) all the family in my house for the day.  The meal was done perfectly at 1 PM and everyone was happy.  A bonus of the ear fluid was that I could make it clear I could not hear well.  My mother is a terrible gossip and gave up the one-sided conversation when I waasn’t answering her.  Of course, then she went and cornered my father and stepmother.  Their problem, not mine.

Saturday night, I went to bed with the good intentions of getting up to try the 3 miles on Sunday.  I again had a rough night and felt tired when I got up.  But I got ready for the day, ate breakfast, did some laundry and dishes, intending to get done what needed to get done.  Then I got real tired.  I layed down on the couch and it was over.  My husband took the kids to the store and out to lunch, I slept for 5 hours.  I took it easy getting going again after they came home.  I was pretty hungry by dinner time and felt better by reading time, 8 PM.  I really enjoy the time we spend reading together before the kids go to bed. 

I set 2 alarms last night.  One for running and one for not running.  I ended up not running.  I decided that maybe since I crashed Sunday and I actually to work Monday, I should not use up all my energy before I get there.  It just wouldn’t do to have my 4 year old and parrot run the shop if I pass out, exhausted.

Which brings me to my new concern.  I can feel that I am slowly getting better, emphasis on slowly, but when should I just do it?  Tomorrow?  I’d like to.  Again, I am going to try to get up.  I remember reading in Runner’s World that you can safely break for 5 days without detriment to your training.  I have been off and on for 3 weeks at this point, with nothing since last Sunday.  Also, we had to move furniture on Saturday to set up the tables and I was really struggling with the couch.  The overall weakness I feel is not encouraging.  What if I can’t make my goals for the race in June?  I need to reset my training again, but how far back should I go?  I can say to my mind that I have not had my mental running boost for some time and I am just being negative.

So, stay positive, you can get back up.  I think I have reached a commitment point where that first step out is the hard one.  My face doesn’t hurt today and I did not have as much crap in my lungs this morning.  I have been sounding really yummy in the morning lately.  Since I run against traffic, I don’t really need my left ear, not much comes from that direction.  And I haven’t passed out today, so I probably slept it off yesterday.  And my Facebook profile only shows 8 miles for April, I have to change that.

Some parting words of recently aquired wisdom, muffin tins are good for more than just muffins.  I froze the leftover lentil soup and then bagged up the disks this morning for pre-portioned ready-to-go soup!

Frozen Lentil Soup in muffin tins gets bagged up!

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I swear I wrote a very thorough and concise training plan for a half marathon in June.  I increased my weekly mileage slowly and planned speed workouts throughout the week.  I even left in extra time in the event that weather intervened. 

I have already had to push my plan back a week when I was sick a couple of weeks ago and unable to stand, forget running.  Whatever disease I had has created a sinus infection, or acute maxillary sinusitis per the doctor, that has really made life difficult this past week.  I have not run since Sunday and know I will not be up to increasing this Sunday.  Also, my family is coming down Saturday for Easter and I am really behind on the cleaning.

So I will have to set my training back another week, again.  At least I will have the time tomorrow in my meal plan to take a run and shower before anyone arrives.  I do make plans for everything.

Easter Plan

I do this every year and save them for future reference.  So I have time after starting the lentil soup and before putting in the ham.  I was going to premake the rolls today and refrigerate, but I decided I will have time to make them fresh Saturday.

So I am thinking I will start with a 3 mile run Saturday and maybe a 6 mile run on Sunday if Saturday goes well.  Today is the first day all week that my teeth aren’t throbbing from the pressure, so I take it as a sign that I am on the mend, even if I can’t hear anything on the left side.  Of course, I also wanted to be on plan so I could say I was up to 9 miles this week.  Since that won’t happen, I will have to rely on the pity attention from accomplishing a dinner for 18 people with some minor disability.  Just don’t look too hard at the floors, or glass, or anywhere really.

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