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We all know that hormones make life hell for women.  I was just reading yesterday in Women’s Health how much of an effect they have throughout the full cycle.  I know they throw off my eating and cravings and may make me a little crazy on occasion.

Looking back, I now realize that it wasn’t me that sucked on a day when the run was really hard.  It was my body making it suck.  If only I could communicate the fact that I have 2 wonderful children and we no longer need to do this stupid dance.  Another victory for the men’s camp of “how much easier it is to deal with life.”  So I’m a little bitter that I have to work extra hard some days because hormones have decided I need to spend my energy preparing for a baby I never intend to make.

I’ll get over it.  Of course on my side of victory, I did run 12 miles this morning with enough time to spare that I can totally run 13.1 in under 2 hours.  My husband probably ran that far in cross-country in high school 20 years ago, but not since.  So I am kicking his butt, and I treasure that.

I also had a moment of clarity at about 10 miles when I realized that I felt great, hormones & all. 

2 more miles?  No problem! 

Never run this far in my life?  Well I’m going to now!

Was I really panicking a year ago about a 5K?  I’m not standing in my way anymore!


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I have been training since December 31, 2011 to get back up to speed (following a 3 month hiatus) and to complete a half marathon this spring.  After 4 months of training, I finally feel like I am really training for racing.  Before I may have just been training for plain, old running. 

After yesterday’s long run, I am 4 weeks out from the race and suddenly very concerned about what I am doing when I am not just preparing to run.  I have been eating healthy and hydrating and carbing up for the long runs, but not very well.  I now feel a need to overhaul everything, because for Sunday’s run, I felt the impact of anything I had done in the last day.  In a good way.

I was really focused on grains, veggies and water on Saturday.  As soon as I woke up Sunday, I started to drink while changing instead of waiting until I got to the kitchen.  I prepared little balls of raisins in plastic and thought out when I might need them.

I found that I did not return with my forehead bruised from repeatedly hitting the wall and I cut another 3:40 from the previous week’s long run.  It doesn’t sound like much, but I did work myself considerably harder than usual on Saturday and I still felt pretty good after the long run. 

I also felt like I gained in technique.  I will start the refueling at 40 minutes next time and repeat every 20 with slightly smaller balls.  The Gatorade-to-water ratio was too high for my stomach.  And Saturday’s pasta & meat sauce was a much better last meal than the previous week’s chicken & broccoli with alfredo linguine (too much fat vs carbs). 

I am also looking up side dishes I can make in small quantities to boost protein and carbs during the week.  It’s very hard to feed myself for training and prepare meals for 3 other less-concerned citizens.  On the upside, my 6 yo is determined to come to my side.  We followed up both of my runs this weekend with a mile of jogging together in decent form.  That makes me proud.

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I had a great long run on Sunday.  I even had to wake up early to get in the 6 miles so I could get back to hear that I was late.  We made plans to travel back to NH for the day, so we always start out early for the 2 hour drive.  I felt good on the run.  It was 50* and partly sunny, I made the distance in decent time without incident.  I was running a bit sleepy because my husband had a rough night with his allergies.

Ready to Go

The kids are ready to go in the car. They are expert packers for these daytrips by now.

Once in the state I miss, we did 2 hours of yard work on our old house that we have not yet sold.  We had to move for my husband’s job, otherwise I never would have left NH.  I was more fatigued and now shaky from hunger when we left. 

Next stop was the family farm owned by my husband’s great-uncle.  We chatted with Grandma and Uncle, ran through a meadow (I trotted when I wasn’t walking) and ate our lunch.

Even more fun was spending the next 2 hours at an outlet shopping center so my husband could find new oxfords and pants for work.  I walked the center a few times with the kids, creating a present for my nephew’s birthday we are missing next weekend.  We found clothing and a Celtics puzzle, I am not an exciting gift-giver by normal child standards.

Wild Ride

The wind made for a good action shot. I never actually put money in these, but my kids always have to try them out.

Then we stopped at my Dad’s house to meet his new dog, Ripley.  A basset hound/german shepard mix is a silly looking dog, but he was nice.  We learned that he has trouble with northern accents, as he came from a Louisiana kill shelter.  We left them with the present and finally started the trek home.

I got to bed by 10, but it felt like 12.  This morning’s run at 6:30 came too soon.  I debated skipping, but only briefly.  I made a promise to myself to run as often as I can to rebuild strength (without hurting myself) and I knew there were about 25,000 people planning to run a marathon today.  A bonus for me was the time I got to run.  It was only 60* at 6:30.  If that many people can get it together to run that far in the heat, I can certainly do what I have to do to train to maybe one day be like them.

P.S. – Being new to Massachusetts, did someone make up Patriot’s Day to give us the day off for the race?  Seems oddly coincidental.

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When I run, I think.  I think about what I have to do, what I have done, and what I might be able to do.  It gives me time to sort my life and priorities.  Currently I am training for a half marathon in June.  I like to imagine myself blowing away my goal of less than 2 hours.  I find that I am more optimistic and focused in all aspects of my life when I have a strong goal I believe I can achieve.

Sunday, I made a 6 mile long run.  I last ran 6 miles in September of last year.  I fell out of running shortly thereafter due to morning craziness with the kids and a new job.  I had a rough time mentally without my outlet.  When I resumed in January, I quickly rediscovered my mojo.  As a morning runner, I love the idea of accomplishment before breakfast.  I love the feeling of success in what I start out to do.  It starts my day on a very positive note.  I may have become an endorphin junkie, as I now run 5 days a week. 

So Sunday, I felt fantastic.  I even wrote that to some friends who track their runs with me.  To get back to a milestone I had not visited in 5 months and actually run faster, I felt I could take on any challenge.  When I saw my time, I was nearly jumping for joy at outdoing myself.  I can do anything!  I felt strong and cute.  (Since cutting my hair, I had to go twin piggies on top.)

By the end of April, I intend to be running 12 mile long runs.  I am not afraid or overwhelmed at the idea.  I know I can do it and I will.

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