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It won’t be predicted as easily as I prefer!

Today was a nice day for my 3 mile speedwork.  Speed being a relative term as I feel pretty good from 2 weeks ago but not quite back up to a month ago.  Anyway, when I do the speedwork, I really push myself.  Generally I do the speed work days just before a rest day because my legs are a bit sore.  This week my runs are skewed because my husband had to go to work too early on Wednesday for me to complete my mid-week long-ish run.  So I had to push it to Thursday.  That means that Friday becomes speedwork, Saturday is a slow 3 and Sunday is my long run.  Usually Friday is a rest day.

As a side note, I have just learned that I have an itchy spot on my chest today because I am wearing my undershirt backwards.  I didn’t think I was having that kind of day.

Moving forward, the weekend forecast is iffy for Sunday.  “Periods of rain” is a very unhelpful description.  There is also rain predicted for Monday and Tuesday, so a delay won’t help me.

So the big question, do I move the run up to Saturday and run very slowly on tired legs because I need to get the distance in, or do I take my chances with Sunday.  A plus for Sunday is that I do have the entire day off, so if it clears, I could go.  But I don’t like running any time other than when I have pillow marks on my face.

I’ll let you know tomorrow what I decide.  Also, wouldn’t it be great if this really was a big challenge in life, rather than the small one selectively focused on?


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