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We all know that hormones make life hell for women.  I was just reading yesterday in Women’s Health how much of an effect they have throughout the full cycle.  I know they throw off my eating and cravings and may make me a little crazy on occasion.

Looking back, I now realize that it wasn’t me that sucked on a day when the run was really hard.  It was my body making it suck.  If only I could communicate the fact that I have 2 wonderful children and we no longer need to do this stupid dance.  Another victory for the men’s camp of “how much easier it is to deal with life.”  So I’m a little bitter that I have to work extra hard some days because hormones have decided I need to spend my energy preparing for a baby I never intend to make.

I’ll get over it.  Of course on my side of victory, I did run 12 miles this morning with enough time to spare that I can totally run 13.1 in under 2 hours.  My husband probably ran that far in cross-country in high school 20 years ago, but not since.  So I am kicking his butt, and I treasure that.

I also had a moment of clarity at about 10 miles when I realized that I felt great, hormones & all. 

2 more miles?  No problem! 

Never run this far in my life?  Well I’m going to now!

Was I really panicking a year ago about a 5K?  I’m not standing in my way anymore!


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